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Hi!  Welcome to my site!  This is the page where I get to brag a little about myself. :)  I'm a college student, in my second year of working on an Associates in Web Design.  (And if you like what you see, drop me a line!  I'm always looking for more experience!)  I've learned/worked with/am learning Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Apache servers, FrontPage, and of course, basic HTML.  
    I've been a hockey freak since 1996 when I watched my first playoff game, (more about that below), so it was inevitable that those two forces in my life would finally meet.  Well, they did, and this site is what emerged!  It is still under construction, as I hope to add many more features eventually.  But for now, I hope you're enjoying your visit.  Please sign my
GuestBook and let me know what you think!  

My mission in building this site:
     I hope that somewhere amongst these pages you can find something to make you think, or laugh.  But, most of all, I hope you find something that inspires you to become a better goaltender, or maybe even something that convinces you to try your hand at it if you've never played before. 

How it all began
     I am a Grade A, 100% pure-blooded goalie (and goalie nut).  For the records, I am a female in-line 'tender, and have been playing about 2 years.  But in reality, I have been a goalie at heart all my life, and only discovered that in 1996 when I watched the Red Wings play the Jets during the first round of the playoffs.  I was hooked on hockey instantly.  Mike Vernon and Nikolai Khabibulin were outstanding in net, and I realized at that point that goalies were by far the most awesome sports people I'd ever seen.  Of course, I wanted to be one.

Team spirit
    I played street hockey with my brother for two years before I got on a team at last.  The very first game I ever played in a league was in September 1998 as defense, but I mark the beginning of my career from the first game I played as goalie. That was on October 1, 1998.  In these two pictures I'm in my Lightning jersey.  That was my initial team, which my dad coached. My brother played on it with me. (Actually, he was there first.) I loved playing with that team, but the rink we were at was tiny and not kept up well. We played there for a year and a half before moving to a rink much closer to our house.

New experiences
    We're still at that rink,  and it's a great hockey place. I first played in the brand-new Women's league. Unfortunately, it was a little below my level (having played with the boys up to that point) My championship Bantam Hs team.  I'm in front with the big pads, and my brother is third from the left, in the back row.  He's watching our goofy teammate. :) and barely a challenge. I could almost single-handedly hold off the other team. We went 6-0-0 before losing the championship 5-4. It broke my overconfident little heart and I made a bad show afterwards, but it was a stepping stone in my development as an athlete. It was the hardest thing that I've had to deal with in hockey, so far, and it made me grow up a little. (Not that I like losing now, but I like to think I'm a bit more graceful!)
   My brother and I played two seasons in Bantam House there. Although I was too old, I was allowed to play down since I was a g-i-r-l, but it was fun and allowed me to get adjusted to the new rink, new league, and new atmosphere. We won a championship the second season, and it was a good experience. Then we were both too old.
   We had to move up to adult Copper House. That was much different than Bantam. We managed to win another championship, thanks to a superstar player on our team, a lucky call from the refs, and a lot of work. We played two seasons there, and then had to take a break for the summer. (That was not our idea, believe me!)

Hockey today
    College messed up the Fall 2000 season. It scheduled out all of the league possibilities at our rink, and I had to go play at a new place that has three soccer fields and only one hockey rink. It's further to drive, and it doesn't have the hockey atmosphere like our other rink. I really don't care for it. Too much soccer there. Chokes out the hockey. But, I loved the league I was in and my team, the Lumberjacks.
   The league is called 17 and under, otherwise known as "Midget." My dad coached again, but my brother was already stuck on another team by the time we got the mix-up straightened out. I think he would have liked the Lumberjacks, though.  We finished up tied for first place in a 4 team league. We were pretty good, and I was just happy to be playing again after a long summer layoff.

    This season I'm back with my brother at the "real" hockey place, playing with the team he was on last season.  I can't wait to get back into the games again.  The holidays have been too long a break, even with a 2-day tournament in between!

    My brother and I recently started coaching an inline hockey class for kids age 6-15.  I never expected to get that sort of an opportunity, so I'm extremely thankful.  There's nothing better than being able to do something you love and teach it to others.  There have been challenges at times, but the kids are great to work with and we are having a blast! 

On the horizon
    Eventually, I'd like to get on an in-line travel team and go around the country playing in tournaments.  Who knows if it will ever happen, but that's my dream.  I hope to one day get good enough.  I played in my first tournament this past December.  We looked awful, several of us (including me) were sick, and we got mercied all three times.  It was another growing experience, however, and I had a lot of fun.  Tournaments are much different than regular playoffs.  
    I'm also filling in for two other adult teams, one of them in Silver, two leagues above where we usually play.  I think that's awesome, because it was another "someday" dream of mine.
    I'd also like to try my hand at refereeing.

Philosophical goaltending
    When I first started playing, my main goal was to become a steady, reliable goaltender.  Secondarily, I wanted to be respected (although I've found respect often goes along with being dependable. :) But after I'd played a little, been in the hockey atmosphere among all the guys, I had to revise "respected" to "respected as a goalie, and not just as a girl in hockey."  It's all fine to be good for a girl, but I have always wanted to be good for a goalie!  I think I have finally achieved that, (although I'm not particularly reliable at times), and it feels really awesome.  That's the best part of goaltending, anyway--the feeling you get when you single-handedly negate an entire offensive squad.  That's the best, just the absolute best.


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