'The Beezer' keeps his eye on the puck as he kicks out a pad to make the save




This is a far-from-complete list, but I plan to add to it.  If you know of some that aren't listed here, send them my way and I'll put them in!

Belfour, Eddie - "The Eagle"

Brimsek, Frank - "Mr. Zero"

Broda, Walter - "Turk"

Carey, Jim - "The Ace"

Dryden, Ken - "Ken Who?" (as called by the media after his Cup victory)

Esposito, Tony - "Tony O" (15 shutouts in his rookie year with Chicago)

Francis, Emile - "The Cat"

Gardiner, Charlie - "The Wandering Scot"

Garrett, John - "Cheech" (of Cheech & Chong, comedians)

Gratton, Giles - "Jingle Bells," "The Count"

Hall, Glenn - "Mr. Goalie" (as known by his fans in Chicago)

Hasek, Dominik - "The Dominator"

Hodson, Kevin - "Ticker" (he has heart problems)

Holmes, Harry - "Happy"

Irbe, Arturs - "Archie"

Joseph, Curtis - "CuJo"

Khabibulin, Nikolai -"The Bulin Wall," "Habby," "Nik"

Kidd, Trevor - "Kidder"

Kolzig, Olaf - "Godzilla," "Olie the Goalie"

Larocque, Michael - "Bunny"

McCool, Frank  - "Ulcers"

Osgood, Chris - "The Wizard (of Oz)," "Ozzie"

Potvin, Felix - "The Cat"

Roy, Patrick - "St. Patrick"

Simmons, Gary - "Cobra"

Smith, Gary - "Suitcase"

Thompson, Cecil - "Tiny"

Tugnutt, Ron - "Tugger"

Vanbiesbrouck, John - "The Beezer"

Vezina, Georges - "Chicoutimi Cucumber," "The Silent Habitant"

Worsley, Lorne - "Gump"

Worters Roy - "Shrimp"